During Summer 2016, MaGMA co-founder Guillaume Levy-Lambert returned some long outstanding phone calls, with video recording conducted with the participants' agreement. "Evidence" is a five minutes edit of more than 30 hours of conversations, with filming and editing by Romy Engel. Evidence was shown at the Contemporary Jewish Museum in San Francisco from November 2016 to June 2017. Watch here: (Click on the HD button below the video for adjusting to full HD experience)


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Over the past five years, museumgoers have been calling a New York number on Roy Lichtenstein's Desk Calendar (1962). Mysteriously, a Frenchman in Singapore has been collecting their voice mails. Now he decided to return the calls, to share his story, and to have the callers tell theirs.

The MaGMA Collection co-founder Guillaume Levy-Lambert delivered a TEDx lecture at George Washington University on April 22, 2017 click here to watch