Fairy Tales isthe MaGMA Collection's first single-focus exhibition, a culmination of more than a few years of imaginative and bold visioning, meticulous research, adventurous collecting and most importantly of all, an unwavering belief in the power and actuality of divine providence.  

Driven by the Calendar Story, Fairy Tales affects visitors with the power of each of its intriguing episodes, extending what has begun as a personal oral narrative into a compelling story of love, fate, wonder and quest for truth cast in a virtual exhibition form.”

Wang Zineng, the MaGMA Collection’s guest curator for Fairy Tales

MaGMA 2002 | Friend of Dorothy’s | 2010 diptych incorporating
ZHOU Chunya | Green Dog No. 8 | 2004
oil on canvas | W120 x H150 cm

The collector has come out as an artist: iconic contemporary works from the MaGMA Collection's Singapore-based collection are transformed into diptychs thanks to Fairy Tales’ intriguing and poetic episodes, directly inspired by MaGMA collectors’ loving, mysterious and mystical quest. Diptych concept and design by Jean-François Milou, the National Gallery Singapore’s chief architect.

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