Ms Jane Ittogi, Chair, Singapore Art Museum was the guest of honour at the grand opening Fairy Tales, on March 25, 2010,

“I have learnt from this collection that there is nothing more stimulating than collectors in love(…) This collection here wishes to tell a story that connects love, art and mystery. And yes, that is why I am happy to open this exhibition – may it bring us closer to some kind of heaven.”

The Singapore Exhibition

“I’m a bit of cynic when it comes to romance. But I’m rather touched too. Singapore is a city that builds monuments to progress and prosperity:
we have very few monuments to love, gay or straight, such as this.”

Ng Yi-Sheng · · March 26, 2010

“The work of art has thus been appropriated, remixed and represented as a ‘MaGMA moment’ in the diptych. This collaboration of sorts opens up new directions for the artwork. (…) An art expression that marries art viewing and story telling in such a unique format is undoubtedly a novel one.”
Madhvi Subrahmanian · The Business Times · March 26, 2010

“Fairy Tales will inspire visitors to discover the extraordinary in the ordinary."
Veronika Koh · The Straits Times

“I’m leaving Opera Gallery with a smile… Gorgeous…”
Axton Salim

“Thank you for inspiring us today! Bloody fantastic. Ian, Greg and I were overwhelmed.”
David Hope

“It is special and bold. It also shows the taste behind the extent of the collection. There is an intimacy in the exhibition that reflects the joy and power of collecting art. I will go back again.”
Daniel Yun

Alex Hope

“Beautiful and heartfelt collection with deep meaning and touching episodes ”
Sushan Tan

“J’ai été très impressionnée.”
Jacky Deromedi

“Each piece of art intimately echoes your "vécu" but also resonates with the discovery by the watcher. Un jeu de mirroirs infini.”
Romy Serfaty

“C’est superbe.”
Serge Fabre

“Love the exhibition.”

“Outstanding exhibition.”
Alexandra Prasieto

“J’adore l’exposition aux cinq sens!!!”
Xavier Pujol

“J'ai vraiment été touchée par les textes et la relation avec les œuvres, c'est une très bonne expo, bravo!”
Andrée Weschler

“What a great show, very well put together, Amy and I were delighted! Congratulations on your fine collection. We loved those “box frames”. 
It certainly was refreshing.  We will likely circle back to enjoy your collection again.”

Kenneth Choe

“Very nice... belle promenade sur un chemin dévoilé, poétique, mystique, émouvant... j'ai beaucoup aimé. Beau voyage. Merci.”
Fabienne Tsaoussis

“I truly enjoyed the wonderful occasion especially the stories behind all your collection!”
Doreen Yong

“J’ai trouvé l’exposition unique et généreuse dans son partage de ta collection, de ton histoire et de tes émotions. La collection elle même est impressionnante.”
François de Moulliac

“Many people said so many wonderful things about the exhibition, you should both be very proud.”
Ian McGinlay

“Samantha and I were truly taken by the story, art and presentation!”
Mark Samlal

“Congratulations on your enchanted ‘Fairy Tales’!!! Your art exhibition combined with the five senses branding was a true work of art. I am glad and honoured to play a role in your project.”
Sara Shih

“J’ai beaucoup aimé ton exposition, ca change des œuvres qu'on voit a Londres...”
Guillaume Ravix

“Merci pour cette magnifique exposition. Merci de nous faire partager tout ça! C’était certainement beaucoup de boulot mais ca en valait la peine. Mais je suppose qu’on vous l’a beaucoup dit. J’ai pris également beaucoup de plaisir à la lecture du catalogue si bien ficelé ! Revenir sur l'événement tranquillement avec le point de vue de tous les intervenants était une riche idée. Très instructif et un joli complément a cet Art Show.”
Florence Notté

“Congratulations and thank you for injecting a solid dose of romance into our lives!”
Serge Dumont

“Am really happy that everything is falling in place so nicely and proud to be a part of it!”
George Leong
“It’s great that MaGMA has been such a terrific success and congratulations again!”
Cheryl Ng

“Your first exhibition is a bright spark and now we are looking forward to the engine roar.”
Dick Chia

“Thank you putting up such a wonderful show.”
Chantel Tian

“The show is really moving with all your personal fairy tales.”
Johanna Vlaminck

“I am glad that we have had the chance to work with MaGMA. The event opening was superb and MaGMA has a very unique story to share and the concept of presentation novel. A true ‘Singapore’ story.”
Eugene Choy

“Beautiful! Congratulations to MaGMA and Opera Gallery. Thank you, once again, for allowing me to be part of this amazing story.”
Olivier Henry

“An exhibition I will return to!”
David Picard

“Magnificent exhibition, powerful art pieces, great party... a true memory :-) I only knew the starting point of the project and I am stunned.”
Anne Cossé

“A real eye-opener and the pieces were stunning. A remarkable achievement!”
Sze Wee

“What an extraordinary story you told with your art work.”
Angela Wu

“It is a most beautiful show... the paintings are great but the presentation is extremely beautiful - good workmanship for the frames which resemble a book format. But the story behind the show is what captivates. I like the introduction of a separate narrative to the paintings - it makes the paintings a lot more “alive” and that they have a life of their own after they left the artist’s studio.  I am very touched by the love story and I must say I was more interested in how the narrative unfolds than to actually pay attention to the paintings.  I saw the piece at the entrance [MaGMA 0404] last and it was quite cathartic because it puts the love story in the context of search for spiritual and personal identity... that sort of provided a lift away from just a love story.”
Hong Sek Chern

“Beautiful work and wonderful wonderful WONDERFUL...”
Loreen Visser

“Amazing story… Thanks for sharing! I look forward to seeing it in person.”
Christopher Noto
“Bravo pour cette super collection avec une belle histoire d'amour.”
Sodam Kim

“Thank you so much for sharing this with me. I have been touched very much by your story... Thank you very much for arranging this show to share your life story with all of us. Yes, the miracle might not happen to everybody, but at least it happens. It will bring a lot of love and hope to all of your friends, and visitors to your exhibition. Such pity that this exhibition is only in Singapore. I really wish I can be a part of the visitors.”
Laura Zhou

“Success is in the house (of love) !!!”
Xavier Pujol

“It is a wonderful collection, and lovingly presented. The stories are the best part.” Look forward to future exhibitions from your collection.”
Tan Kuan Ern

“I have been recommending your collection to everyone I know.”
Jacqueline Chua

“I looked at your titles and the paintings and saw what it did for me. And yes, I did see the wings in Liu Ye’s “Untitled” (or more particularly felt them). And I found I knew your muscle-bound dinner guest from the Olympic body builders, and I saw the emptiness of childhood in the red car next to “Better Late Than Never”, and I felt I was really with you in MG for Eternity and Au Jardin. What about if you encouraged viewers to add their own personal reactions to your framing of the works? Take for example “What’s God trying to tell us?”, which span off in the following way for me:

I looked at the painting and saw the horror of the two of you as the horror of the tsunami takes place. Then I remembered where I was when that happened...Boxing Day 2004. […]

I'm sharing this with you because there must be a million other stories out there that people will remember when they connect with your collection.”
Astrid Wynne

“I visited the Fairy Tales exhibition today, beautiful, and moving, bravo!
Thierry Pfimlin

“Having been executed by great contemporary Chinese masters, the works of art are of course impressive. Yet beyond the famed names, what I admired most was the sincerity infused in your personal life story. Not everyone would have had the courage to expose oneself in such an intimate fashion. Besides, the idea of laying out the canvases in ready-made suitcases is imaginative, an ideal design for the upcoming long travels your exhibition will undergo.

It is true that most art collectors enjoy their painting and objects privately, behind closed doors. However, you have both managed to share your passionate interests in a generous and unforgettable way!”
Iola Lenzi

“Impressionnant en effet!”
Valérie Bonin

“Will you replicate the exhibition in HK, Paris, NY, London… it somehow looks like it could be comfortably packed and travel… all it needs is a ticket, passport, and ‘hotel’?!”
David Powe

“Congratulations indeed for a show well done. I am happy for you and MAGMA for the success of the exhibition and all your efforts.”
Steven Yip

“I visited the exhibition today. I thought it was terrific. Do you have any plans to take it to elsewhere? I look forward to hearing from you.”
Jonathan Holburt

“I enjoyed the exhibition very much…”
Sabina Santarossa

“We missed the opening but made it to the exhibition on the weekend. Love it, you must be proud?”
Stuart Wason

“I thought it was an amazing glimpse into your collection, and a very charming story as well. It made me smile as I read each chapter as the stories are a little disguised, yet revealing, and always hinting at a greater thing out there controlling or determining one’s life. So, through the eyeglass of the collection, I thought very well done indeed.
Beautifully presented as well, I must say. Do you plan to have it travel on exhibition? It would look handsome in a white room with nothing else there but your collection.”

Justin Hill

“It is a very touching exhibition and I feel so much of your emotion and memories… Told some of my friends about the show and the catalogue design is fantastic.”
Jose Tay

“Loved it. Sad I cannot see it again. Maybe take it on tour with Opera Gallery, if they have the appropriate space?”
Peter O’Connor

“We have followed the success of your exhibition closely.  Congratulations.”
Sandro Raniolo

“We have met very briefly during the very accomplished and highly attended “Fairy Tales” exhibition. I was very impressed with the artworks but specially with the writing complementing it. It has indeed been a very moving experience.”
Sabine Kreuzer

“I went to see Fairy Tales today and I enjoyed it very much, especially the stories that were delightfully weaved in amongst the artworks - it’s very romantic. I love how Studio Milou has presented the works in the cases, like a metaphor to opening chests of memories.”
Kelley Cheng

“The paintings were so well matched with the poems/stories.”
Michael Koh

“Happy to see your labour of love has now come to fruition :-) The exhibition was wonderful - I have to say you have an amazing collection!”
Gabriel Png

“It’s such a lovely romantic story, probably a lot of us are envious of - to find that soulmate in life and live happily ever after.”
Kelley Cheng

“Bravo pour cette belle exposition et magnifique collection que nous avons eu beaucoup de plaisir à découvrir dernièrement.”
Carole de Senarclens

“Nous avons été ravis de nous “baigner” dans ton histoire pendant quelques heures!!”
Éric Morin

“I was there this evening and connected the art pieces to your narration – I will share this with my extended family and friends.”
Rajan Bharvani

“Tania and I visited the MaGMA art Exhibition last night and it is a really EXTRAORDINARY collection. We very much recommend it. If you still find the opportunity to go by the gallery this week, the exhibition is really worth the visit!”
Antonio Martinez Marroquin

“Bravo encore pour cette belle expo!”
Jean-François Danis

“It was wonderful. And of course, it made us think of how lucky we are to have found soulmates and lovers. Your masterpiece of an event reminded us of that. I also think your bravery is astounding, especially in Singapore.”
Lou de la Peña

“Bonjour, je vous ai manqué de peu lors de ma deuxième venue à Opera Gallery puisque Ayumi vous croyait encore là. J'y revenais, non pour voir les œuvres je n’ai pas la fibre, mais parce qu’elle parle français et que je voulais vérifier auprès d’elle mes traductions : en particulier Sydney, Mardi Gras, cette voix qui vous impose sa réalité et puis dans une autre voie quel était donc ce garçon de 13 ans qui ne voulait pas suivre la tradition et refusait le prix de sa “reddition” alors qu’Henri IV déclarait que Paris valait bien une messe. Il faut du courage pour se dévoiler à l’autre. Bravo.”
Paul Timsit

“Hello, I missed you by just a short time during my second visit to Opera Gallery, as Ayumi believed you were still there. I went back not so much to see the works of art (I am not much of an amateur), but rather because she speaks French and I cared to run my translations by her: in particular, Sydney, Mardi Gras, the voice that imposed its reality on you; also, on another front, who was that 13 year old boy who refused to observe traditions, and refused to accept the price offered to him for surrendering when Henry IV declared that Paris was easily worth a Mass. It takes courage to reveal oneself to others. Congratulations.”
Paul Timsit

“I’m happy to have your email to reply with my enthusiasm for your art collection and the exhibit. We apparently just missed you yesterday. It is a stunning selection, hard to say what appealed to me most. Your love story or fairy/faith tale is sweet and uplifting. May your honeymoon never end.”
Kate Love

“These last few days, I’m showing more friends around the show. It doesn’t cease to amaze me how much everyone is responding to the narrative and finding connections between dates. All of them invariably ask - who are these guys? And how old are they? Oh but of course we know ... It tickles me greatly. :)”
Wang Zineng

“We just stopped by the exhibit and thoroughly enjoyed it. What a labour of love!! Thanks so much for inviting us and for reminding me of the event.”
Deb Henretta

“I managed to go over to your exhibition today and am very pleased I did. It was very personal, emotionally open, quite intimate with the narrative being linked, yet also diverse. I really enjoyed it and quite thought provoking. The timeline was interesting as most related back to the present or it certainly seemed near present but also had historic context.”
Michael Hindhaugh

“I really liked the texts in particular, which are both very personal but yet easy to relate to.  Hopefully, this will encourage other collectors to expose their treasures.”
Jean-Baptiste Oudéa

“Again congratulations for this magnificent and very successful exhibition. Personally, I also really appreciated your desire to explore facebook as a communication tool to increase and prolong the visibility of the exhibition.”
Gaetane Prinselaar

“Félicitations pour cette exposition si extraordinaire dans tous les sens du terme. Très touchante de par ton courage a partager tes émotions et tes pensées intimes. J’ai été très touchée par cette écriture très poétique et presque surréaliste car presqu’automatique mais en même temps très réfléchie et qui a l’air d’effleurer des sujets beaucoup plus profonds. Les tableaux qui m’ont le plus touchée sont bien sur le Ji Dachun où tu évoques la mémoire de ton Grand-père que l’on imagine sans peine et l’ange au sourire dont on imagine la bonté et la bienveillance a ton égard; le Zeng Fanzhi ou tu évoques avec tant de légèreté le mahjong pour toucher un sujet plus acide; l’autre Fanzhi aussi qui sous ses airs de champagne rosé évoque une vérité cruelle qui nous rappelle que la vie est un miracle de chaque instant. Et le côté désuet tel un petit trésor enfoui dans ta mémoire au bout du parcours [MaGMA 1908]! Bref, on a très envie de rencontrer Dr Horsehair Shoe, Dorothy, Titi et les autres et on a tout de même le plaisir de pouvoir mettre un visage sur celui de l’élégant Moonbeam! Bravo encore « Gabriel », je ne m’attendais pas moi-même a être si émue en la voyant!”
Laurence Harel

“Congratulations for this absolutely extraordinary exhibition. Your courage in sharing your most personal thoughts and emotions is very moving. I was deeply touched by your highly poetic and almost surrealistic writing. The words come almost automatically, and yet they appear to have been carefully thought out and chosen, so as to apprehend far deeper issues. I was most moved by the Ji Dachun (where you evoke your grand-father's memory so we can easily imagine him and the Smiling Angel whom we can easily imagine as extending kindness and benevolence in your favour); the Zeng Fanzhi (where you lightly touch upon mahjong as a way to broach a more bitter topic). I also noticed the other Fanzhi painting which, beneath the lure of rosé champagne, actually reveals an unforgiving truth that reminds us of the very miracle of each instant of life. And the treasure with a quaint quality at the end of the journey as if it were a gem hidden in your memory [MaGMA 1908]. All in all, one is drawn to meet the characters of Dr Horsehair Shoe, Dorothy, Titi and all the others. At least, one has the satisfaction to be able to attach a face to the dapper character of Moonbeam! Congratulations “Gabriel”, I wasn't expecting to be so moved when seeing it.”
Laurence Harel

“Thank you very much for your wonderful time and explain about your art work (I mean MaGMA collection!). It has lots of beautiful stories inside. I am very honoured that my works are part of your collection.”
Tomoko Sawada

“Je trouve ça gutsy de faire cette expo et ces textes. J’ai eu l’impression que le culot a payé.”
Anne Eisenberg

“I find it very gutsy for you to do this exhibition and these stories. I got the impression that chutzpah paid off.”
Anne Eisenberg

“Can’t wait to know what is coming next!”
Christophe Ferreira

“When is your show in Melbourne?”
Loz Visser

“It was so good I returned for a second visit :)”
Kimberly Phoon

“A novel concept to showcase a private collection. This concept alone is worth the effort. But what an effort! One needs to be there to see and read as the fairy tales unfold. There is an excitement at the exhibition that is infectious to art collectors and anyone who wants fairy tales to be beautiful with a real dimension. It is really taking art to a different level of appreciation for one and all.”
Daniel Yun

“How do we do when you live in France? I want to get one of this collectible ZoCards.”
Nelly Perlade

“Caught the show over the weekend. It's rare that you get to experience both the richness of a (lovely) collection as well as intimate stories from two intertwined lives. Well done and congratulations. Looking forward to the next chapter.”
Alan Seah

“Just wanted to say thank you for an inspiring collection. Love the use of prose to develop the paintings :)”
Nasri Shah

“It’s cool and exciting.”
Ye Lingyan

“Well done!”
Nazli Sharifzadeh

“MaGMA’s Fairy Tales exhibition is a GIFT TO US ALL. Yes the art is exceptional but the stories that have evolved and been told throughout this exhibition are truly inspiring. This show is the start of something great - the innovative “packaging” of the art so it too can have a journey, like a book and then the moving and often funny stories of how this art has changed a collector’s life. There is something in it for everyone - not too be missed!”
Alex Hope

“Une exposition fabuleuse.”
Anne Goddet


The Opening Night

“There were flowers everywhere, someone thought it was our wedding. Never have I seen Moonbeam looking so happy.”

Quel magnifique évènement et que du beau monde. La collection est exceptionnelle! Je suis restée sans voix.”
Agnès Erligmann

What an amazing evening of recognition for all your hard work and your dream being realised!!”
Alex Hope

“Un vrai feux d’artifice - c’était tout simplement magnifique et tellement personnel et émouvant...”
Carine Stein

“Had loads of fun at your exhibition opening! Congratulations!”
Wai Teik

“Congratulations on such a vibrant, enthusiastic andsuccessful launch. Seeingthe exhibitionwas different, much better than just visualising it.”
Jane Ittogi

“A lovely show.. I will have to go back and read the texts more.”
Tay Tong

“Congratulations on making this exhibition happen. So proud of you!!!”
Alicia Yi

“Congratulations on a fantastic exhibition. We need to go back again when there are slightly less people!!”
Roger Bowie

“Wouaou! Quelle Collection! Quel évènement! Quelles émotions! (Yue Minjun, David Chan, ...) Merci d’avoir partagé. C’était tout simplement incroyable. Bravo.”

Christophe Ferreira

“I will go back and take my time to see this exhibition which is so superbly put together.”
Anne-Claire Tran

“What a successful and beautiful launch… A big Congratulation! What a magical evening… still like a dream to me.”
Sara Shih

“We would like to say that it has been a fantastic week of events, many thanks and we sincerely hope that you and Moonbeam are both very happy with the warm reactions from everyone who has attended the exhibition so far. As this has certainly been a labour of love and joy from the effort of so many parties who partook in bringing this Fairy Tale alive, we would like to express our personal thanks and appreciation to each and every one of these individuals that made this event a roaring success.”
Cheryl Ho

“It was a great event. I will come back to Opera Gallery again as it was really crowded yesterday but very successful.”
Alex Olmedo

“A very big thank you for this extraordinary event last night. Very successful! I look forward to seing it gain quietly upon my return.”
Jan Dewaele

“Encore bravo pour le succès du vernissage et pour l’originalité de cette exposition. Orchid Link est ravi d’avoir pu soutenir un tel projet.”
Stéphane Benoist

“J’en profite pour encore te féliciter pour MaGMA. Quel succès! Ce fut une soirée extraordinaire. J’y ai fait de belles rencontres. Je souhaite vraiment que cette magie puisse se reproduire ailleurs. Que MaGMA voyage dans ses écrins de métal.”
Yann Follain

“I wanted to congratulate you again for MaGMA. What a success! It was an extraordinary evening. I met some wonderful people. I sincerely hope that this magic can unfold again elsewhere. May MaGMA travel in their metal diptychs.”
Yann Follain

“Nous avons été emballés, mon épouse et moi, par cette très belle exposition, et l’ambiance qui régnait lors du vernissage.”

Olivier Guyonvarch

“I know your event with MaGMA went exceptionally well and I’m happy for that.”
Fred Ichay

“Thanks to both Moonbeam and Gabriel for having me at your lovely and impressive event last week. You should both be very proud.I am sure the exhibition will be much talked about. Am currently in transit between Cape Town with your old friend Mr Ph. E. I told him how amazing your exhibition is.”
Christopher Jackson

“There were a lot of people to say the least… Well done for the show, but also for the collection itself, with some remarkable pieces and a truly original presentation. A beautiful event.”
H.E . D ominique Girard

“Sweetie it was wonderful, what a creative way to share your collection. We really enjoyed it, and the reception, you guys went all out.”
Inna Rhyzy

“Thank you kindly for choosing our publication for to cover of your prestigious event!!”
Frank Cintamani

“My friends were very impressed and a bit disappointed to know that the collection was not for sale… ;). I have to say that I also liked “the crowd” who occupied the space as they were all very chic and slick.”
Sodam Kim

“Congratulations on the successful exhibition opening. I was told by Magalie that it was spectacular and very emotional.”

“Thank you for sharing your fairy tales with us - amazing, brilliant! I will go back today to spend some more time and read in length. The evening was a terrific success- congratulations.”



About the Catalogue

[MaGMA printed 1339 numbered copies of the exhibition catalogue, now reproduced and expanded with this iPad app.]

“Your book is really a jewel… Soothing.”
Elisabetta Franzoso

“The book is great.”
Dorothy Lichtenstein

“C’est sublime, fantastique et romantique.”
Simon Wang

“A lovely book. We’ve enjoyed reading through the beautiful pages.”
Colin Kueh & Matt Vincent

“I just read the very beautifully designed catalogue and totally immersed in the illustration – so touching!”
Charles Liu

“The book is a collectible.”
Daniel Yun

“Magnifique. Vraiment.”
Catherine Michelet

“Reading your book truly moved me. Thank you for reminding me that fairy tales and happily ever after are real.”
Jasmine Prasieto

“J’adore ;-)”
Jean di Sciullo

“I love the way it has been lovingly put together and of course the artwork is fantastic.”
Lisa Rothfield

“Un merveilleux petit livre.”
Geneviève Ohayon

“Et les fairy tales? Tellement inspirants! Moi aussi je veux une deuxième vie dans cette vie!”
Christophe Ferreira

“The book is beautifully done.  I read the whole book before I went to bed last night!”
Kwok Kian Chow

“Luv the way you write!”

“Kate and I very much appreciate the book and the story. Amazing. You cannot make things like this up.”
Tim Love

“Very happy to receive the lovely fairy tales. Just finished reading it cover to cover. Beautifully put together.”
Steve J. Michie

“Ce si beau livre...”
François Chouchan

“Ce livre si original.”
Élisabeth B.

“J’ai bien reçu le catalogue MagMa Fairy Tales. Je l’ai lu....dans sa totalité! C’est superbe et les histoires sont captivantes.”
Frédéric Ichay

“A true fairy tale for the 21st century. Destiny has certainly played a large part in your life and love. It makes me smile.”
Trish Keller

“You have created a gem. It is a precious Objet d’Art, done exquisitely to combine your whole entire life. Everything that is meaningful to you is woven into this tapestry, in the most artistic, thoughtful poetic, original and soulful way.”
Hedy Schleifer

“Ton superbe livre montre si bien la mission artistique et sentimentale de votre couple.”
Yves Manghardt

“It is such a wonderfully refreshing new way to tell a story. It is in that sense a true fairy tale, a joy to read.”
Ron Webb

“Une magnifique autobiographie riche et intime.”
Olivier Camus

“It feels so good to hold your book in my hands. First thing I did was look at the pictures. It’s an extraordinary collection. Richly varied, reflective, and high quality. I can feel you put your heart and soul into Fairy Tales. It’s such a great big fresh idea and I'm sure it will take off outside of Singapore. I hear your voice throughout.”
Liane Wakabayashi

“Wonderfully done book of thoughts and observations. That’s what being human should be about.”
Andrew Kwek

“It was so lovely to have the opportunity to spend time with you again and to be inspired by your creative thoughts and reflections. I have enjoyed reading through your book and learning more about your life – it’s a fabulous personal memoir, and so beautifully constructed. Congratulations on having already reached one of your major dreams!”
Gaia Grant

“J’ai adoré, on découvre et lit sa vie en regardant des tableaux c’est différent car d’habitude on doit ouvrir un livre uniquement. Je n’ai pas tout compris mais en grande partie... il a une vie très riche!”
Léa, 15 ans

“C’est ravissant, frais, inédit, intéressant, = super! Un très joli « coffee table » book qui suscitera surement beaucoup d’intérêt et de questions… wonderful « conversation piece. »”
Ellen Polack

“Thanks for the book.  It’s a very unique & interesting expression of Art.”
Rajul Mehta

“J’adore ;-) Je trouve ton livre fort bien réalisé. C’est un libre objet d’artiste. J’y retrouve aussi toute ta sensibilité et ton intelligence.”
Jean di Sciullo

“The book is truly lovely and I enjoyed seeing it in print!”
Jonathan F. Wilson

“I LOVE IT.  It is a true masterpiece!”
Jamie Davis

“I’m hoping Cyndi can read your book soon.  I personally really enjoyed it.  It’s so much more than an exhibit or a collection.”
George Davis

“The book - I read it twice, and loved every moment.  Most important for me is I can hear your voice narrating the tales.  It’s really a beautiful tribute to your love for Moonbeam and the remarkable journey you’re on.  I'm so proud of you and pleased to have the book in my life.”
Jon Kiehnau

“It is absolutely beautiful!  Congratulations!  You should be very proud!”
Michelle Lemmons-Poscente

“C’est SUPER!!! Merci!!! Très joli travail!!!”
Xavier Pujol

More Messages

“Your humility for this world and people is being communicated. You have the channel to change many people’s lives. Go for it!”

Alex Hope

“What a great and inspiring story you and Moonbeam have.”

“Fantastic art collection. It is inspiring to hear and see that in today’s world, art can carry a more profound meaning beyond its obvious qualities - I believe that that is how it should be. An Indonesian artist once said, art is truly complete when there's a relationship between the artist, the work and the viewer. I rarely see such a complete full circle.”
Jasmine Prasieto

“You and Moonbeam have a beautiful collection and what a love story you both have written”
Michael Koh

“Your LOVE STORY is the most awesome.”
Pam Ho

“It looks like the two of you have put together an amazing collection which I hope to see more of one day.”
Brent THorn

“A radiantly haunting experience inaugurated the search for other encounters with art, that would deliver signals of special significance to the Fairy Tales collectors, and a specific pattern to their collection. e quest has opened unsuspected vistas, and detected precious magma deep down the self and others. Along the way, credible and faithful bonds have been tied with those whose offerings of light and shade, smiles and cries, questionings, rebellion and acceptance keep giving shape to life.”
Martine Higonnet

“Ce que vous faites est très beau.”
Denise Raoul

“You’ve come such a long way... well done.”
Diane Segalen

Loz Visser

“Bravo, les comptes de faits deviennent une réalité !”
Nathalie Tournyol Du Clos