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Gabriel’s generation in France fondly remembers acting legend Gérard Philipe reading The Little Prince, Peter and the Wolf and the life of Mozart in LPs packaged inside children’s books. This is the inspiration behind Singapore’s foremost actor and theatre director Ivan Heng masterfully performing a voice-over for MaGMA in this app.

Additional features include: original music by Ian Chee, Gabriel with dj George Leong, and Andayoma. Introduction by Kwok Kian Chow of the National Art Gallery, Singapore. Curatorial Notes by Christies’ specialist Wang Zineng. An Interview with Mitchell Lichtenstein. Exhibition Notes by renowned architect and MaGMA’s scenographer Jean-François Milou.

This beautiful, touching, and very comprehensive app offers a choice of three pre-set tours of the exhibition’s 26 episodes, as well as the flexibility for the user to meander freely and discover intricate details of an amazing journey, such as how Gabriel refused a car as a bar mitzvah gift, the links between a classic Zhu Wei sculpture and Ang Lee’s movie The Wedding Banquet, a compelling reference to On Kawara’s date paintings…